Chasing Dragons is engaged by companies offering relocation to candidates or employees to our wonderful, magical, talent-laden, diverse, buzzing, humming, thriving greater Washington DC region.  Our team can make the difference when your employee, and their families, are evaluating and accepting a corporate relocation.

During a time often filled with too many decisions, Chasing Dragons provides a personalized, hyper-local area orientation and knowledge about distinct neighborhoods, schools, entertainment, transportation, and shares our vast contacts for contractors and amenities.  

“critical first impressions”

  • Our Ambassadors help candidates or employees visualize living in the many vibrant, diverse and amenity-rich neighborhoods throughout our metro region.  

  • We schedule a deep-dive conversation to help identify their priorities, and then create and take them on a personalized area tour to showcase specific communities and resources.

  • We make introductions to individuals who can help shape their new life or share similar interests, to include youth sports coaches, doctors, school principals, hobbies, contractors, and more.

“important resources for a soft landing”

Our team is engaging and thoughtful during a challenging time, and we ensure your candidate and employees arrive ready to embrace their new work and home communities.

‣  Personalized Area Orientation Tours for pre- & post-decision / Individual and Group

‣  Welcome and Arrival Support

‣  Community Introductions

‣  Interest-Specific Tours

‣  Expert Concierge phone and email support

‣  White glove, discreet, in-person support; often offered for C-suite and VIP relocations

We are the “moving-to-a-new-city-whisperers”!

We can't wait to welcome your team member!


Providing support from pre-decision thru post-relocation. First impressions are lasting impressions.Find out More >


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“Your area orientation tour was fantastic. We better understand neighborhoods we saw on the web, the walkability and the commuting options. We loved meeting the soccer coach - it went a long way to changing our 11-year-old's mind!” — S.K.