Chasing Dragons is engaged by companies offering relocation to candidates or employees to our wonderful, magical, talent-laden, diverse, buzzing, humming, thriving greater Washington DC region.  Our team can make the difference when your employee, and their families, are evaluating and accepting a corporate relocation.

During a time often filled with too many decisions, Chasing Dragons provides a personalized, immersive area orientation and knowledge about distinct neighborhoods, schools, entertainment, transportation, culture/arts, and shares our vast contacts for contractors and amenities.  

Critical First Impressions

  • Our Ambassadors help candidates or employees visualize living in the many vibrant, diverse and amenity-rich neighborhoods throughout our metro region.  

  • We schedule a deep-dive conversation to help identify their priorities, and then create and take them on a personalized area tour to showcase specific communities and resources.

  • We make introductions to individuals who can help shape their new life or share similar interests, to include youth sports coaches, doctors, school principals, hobbies, contractors, and more.

Area Orientation Support

Our team is engaging and thoughtful during a challenging time, and we ensure your candidate and employees arrive ready to embrace their new work and home communities.

‣  Personalized Area Orientation for pre-decision & post-relocation / Individual and Group

‣  Welcome and Arrival Support

‣  Community Introductions

‣  Interest-Specific Tours

‣  Expert concierge phone and email support for up to a year

‣  Additional discreet, in-person support; often offered for C-suite and VIP relocations

We are the “moving to a new city whisperers”!

We can't wait to welcome your team member!


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“Your area orientation tour was fantastic. We better understand neighborhoods we saw on the web, the walkability and the commuting options. We loved meeting the soccer coach - it went a long way to changing our 11-year-old's mind!” — S.K.